When an adoption journey turns out well and the child you bring home lives up to the dreams and expectations you had, it’s easy to say it was meant to be.

"Happy Ever After" started today in Armenia for this Hopscotch family. Congrats!

White people aren’t told that the color of their skin is a problem very often. We sail through police check points, don’t garner sideways glances in affluent neighborhoods, and are generally understood to be predispositioned for success based on a physical characteristic (the color of our skin) we have little control over beyond sunscreen and tanning oil.

News from Armenia: Congrats to our Hopscotch family on a successful court hearing today in Armenia. Hurry Home!!

Talking to your child about adoption can be joyful…and sometimes difficult. You may not have all of the information she wants, some details may be tough to hear, or your child just may not want to talk about it. But talking, even about the tough stuff, is an essential part of what adopted kids need from their parents.

It is estimated there are over 20 million children in the world without families.

After deciding that adoption is the right choice for building your family, you naturally want everyone to be as excited as you. Unfortunately, this may not happen.

About eighteen months ago our family expanded through the adoption of two children. We have learned so much and the family and friends who love and support our family have also learned a lot. Though we had previous parenting experience, this journey has had it’s own unique joys and challenges.

The Georgian palate gravitates toward tart flavors in all sorts of dishes, and soups are no exception. This elegant chicken soup takes its tang from lemon juice (or, alternatively, vinegar).

Our reunion potluck is always made extra special by the dishes contributed by our native Bulgarian friends. One of my favorite parts of the reunion each year is hearing some of our older Bulgarian kiddos get really excited about eating food they used to enjoy in their birth country.