Since the birth of the alphabet in the Near East around 2000 BC, endless writing systems from different languages and cultures have thrived and perished. The classic example is Egyptian, a highly developed civilization whose legacy remains the form of a famous hieroglyphic writing system…which we’ve never been able to fully decipher.

Introducing World Adoption Day!

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It is a terribly sad reality that children adopted internationally or through foster care may have suffered sexual abuse. Join Mary Jo Barrett as she provides insight to parents.

Celebrating our first TWO #families’ referral match and acceptances. #adoption

Mus be a #Genius: Someone once asked me how was it that I decided to become an artist. Well, to be honest, there just wasn’t anything else I was good at.

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It is a terribly sad reality that children adopted #internationally or through #fostercare may have suffered #sexual #abuse.

U.S. State Department Covers Up Smear Campaign Against Families Adopting From Ethiopia