As of July 27, the Department of State has made continued progress on restoring our system to full functionality. As we restore our ability to print visas, we are prioritizing immigrant cases, including adoptions visas.

News from Ukraine: Please keep our two Hopscotch families in your thoughts and prayers as they travel to bring their children home from Ukraine.

The U.S. State Department’s global database for processing visas and passports is experiencing problems that could cause delays for millions of people around the world who are awaiting travel documents.

News from Morocco: Congratulations to our Hopscotch Family!!

News from Armenia: Another successful registration in Armenia this week. Hopscotch Happiness x 3 this week! Congratulations to all three families.

News From #Armenia: She is Officially Ours! #adoption

When an adoption journey turns out well and the child you bring home lives up to the dreams and expectations you had, it’s easy to say it was meant to be.

"Happy Ever After" started today in Armenia for this Hopscotch family. Congrats!

White people aren’t told that the color of their skin is a problem very often. We sail through police check points, don’t garner sideways glances in affluent neighborhoods, and are generally understood to be predispositioned for success based on a physical characteristic (the color of our skin) we have little control over beyond sunscreen and tanning oil.

News from Armenia: Congrats to our Hopscotch family on a successful court hearing today in Armenia. Hurry Home!!